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This is fun that ya’ll start a new thread every week! I did really good last week, and I think that logging onto FD every day, checking the thread, being really good with logging all food (even the tablespoons of EVOO I cook veggies in), has really made a difference!

Weighed in this morning at my lowest weight since I started logging in January! Yee ha! Need to check the batteries in the scale… but my pants seem just a little bit looser than I remember…

Food/Fitness Goals for the Week
1 – 64oz water every day.
2 – 1500 cals or less each day – no exceptions!
3 – Go to the Gym 2x this week – treadmill, stairmaster, and weights.
4- Stick with veggies for most meals, and try to go gluten free when possible.
5 – Don’t snack before dinner.
6 – Take a walk either before or after dinner.

Family /Home Goals
1 – Take Grandma out for a car ride. This is actually a major chore as she is 90, in a wheel chair, has dementia/memory loss, and gets really pissed off if we don’t stop at McD’s and get chocolate Sunday’s.
2 – Go to bed later so I don’t wake up at 2am staring at the ceiling until 4am.
3 – Do SOMETHING productive between 8 and 10 at night. I have curtains to make, albums to finish, paperwork to file …laundry is a given… this will be a tough one as I am typically glued to the couch after 8 every night.

Goals for Today
1 - Don’t stress. Even during this afternoon’s client meeting.
2 – Don’t sound like an idiot this afternoon.
3 – Give myself a break – I am not an idiot!
4 – Take a walk after work with the family- nice to have an x-tra hour of daylight!

Happy Monday, and be safe. Ama
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