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Went back to the gym today and burned 180 calories on the treadmill.

Mary, kudos on getting back on track and for being brave enough to step on the scale. Great that you got in a bike ride yesterday. Don't forget to give yourself credit for keeping off 25.2 lbs. since Dec. 2010. But we know you've got the spunk to reach your goal.

Amy, welcome home. I hope you are able to get right back down to business after your NO trip. Did you learn any new curse words from Mike that you can't tell me until after Lent? LOL

Mike, congrats on being down 2.8 for the week. Yellow polka dot bikini. Oh, Lordy!

Jho82, welcome! I've felt exactly like you many times--afraid to make a little change and in my case, for sure, having a fear of failure. Joining this group and hanging in there with the other members has helped me a lot. We understand that none of us is perfect, but we encourage each other to continue picking ourselves back up and starting fresh each time we fall. Someone here had/has a line in her signature that says the only real failure is quitting. It may take me longer to reach goal, but I'll never give up! A nurse once told me that except for caffeine our bodies don't care where we get our water. So I count my decaf tea and flavored waters, lemon water, tea made with spearmint or fennel leaves toward my water goal, too.

Luv, oh, I see I misread about your phone. Glad it's OK. "Bad-itude"--I love that! LOL

Nobe, that's why I have a calorie limit of 1600 per day to lose weight--I can't lose on deprivation because it makes me think of cheating too often and then I fall into a binge when I feel deprived. I do that, too--lose some and then gain some or all back. Don't understand why I can't be excited with the loss and be proud of myself enough to continue. Congrats on your water and exercise yesterday and I hope your thighs feel better this morning! Glad you're in with me and Luv on the clean eating pledge this week (except for the two treats I allow myself that help keep me from eating full carb junk.) We'll work harder on fixing our self-sabotage. We really shouldn't skip breakfast, but I understand totally that it happens sometimes. I take care of grandkids before (and after) school, then I get busy with necessary, more pressing than breakfast things and sometimes it's almost lunch time before I first eat.

Tori, you must be really active, burning a whole lot of calories just in your regular everyday life outside calorie limits and exercise to continue losing. I don't know what it is, but you are doing something right that I'm not seeing in your reports. Whatever it is, keep up the good work. Major congrats on the 1.8 lb. loss!

Mike, LOL on kicking Tori. How is that girl losing weight with all her red? I swear she HAS to be doing something right that's not showing in written word.

Ruby, honey, insomnia does indeed suck. My heart really goes out to you. My husband drives me nuts with his packratting broken things that are too expensive to repair and that he doesn't know how to repair. His dresser is filled up with junk he never uses (like utility bill details ever since we lived in this house here-38 years, insurance riders on policies we no longer have, car repair bills on cars we no longer have, playing cards with cards missing, ...) and instead of cleaning out his dresser he built a shelf for his clothes in the laundry room. I have insomnia, too, but I don't have a baby to help keep me awake. If I need to, I can try to get in a quick nap when my grandkids are in school, but then I'm usually more tired when I wake up. Come here and vent and time you need to. I hope you have a much better day and somehow get a good night sleep tonight. Nice goals you have this week! I already crabbed at my DH today, even after fairly good sleep last night. That man is as stubborn as they come! UGH!

Terri, I'm glad your finger feels better. Certainly keyboarding would not help the pain or recovery, so it makes perfect sense to me to have taken the week off from posting. How interesting, but frustrating for you, I'm sure, that you are in the Plateau of No Sense. I don't know--I've of some people doing "planned cheats" (that freak out the diet police) to keep their bodies guessing and in turn fool the scales. But I've had no experience with it myself--when I go off plan my scale screams at me. Good for you for not giving up--I'm inclined to agree with you that your body knows you're at a comfortable weight and is just being stubborn. Hey, that's a GREAT idea to post daily what you're eating. You could have some hidden carbs or something. My doc told me to give up the avocados and extra olive oil I was eating to help reduce my cholesterol and triglycerides. It says all over the Internet that it helps, but she told me even though they're good fats, they're still loaded with fat calories and do more to hinder weight loss than to help lower triglycerides and cholesterol. So I gave up eating my 1/2 Haas avocado on a daily basis and will just enjoy it occasionally. Sorry, but I got such a chuckle out of your Dad eating the Milky Ways because they're so small and can't hurt, but wouldn't eat the melon. Your Mom is so sweet to have been so encouraging instead of saying "I TOLD you so!" LOL We all know the exercise and small meals are a great idea for anyone, so it's wonderful he' geared up for that. I hope his eye surgery goes well. I'll keep him in my prayers. I love reading your posts--the length doesn't bother me. Some of us post as much, but it's spread over several posts during the day, so you're really no more yacky than many of us here. Oh, keeping my fingers, eyes, and toes crossed for you on the job front. Big hug to ya!
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