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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
LOL on channeling Dotty, do you follow it up with a "yoga moment"? Oh sweet sweet Terri, you and and I have much in common. I've been often told that auctioneering would have been a solid career choice and I rattle off novels here on fitday too. I'm confess myself curious, do you interrupt people? I'm the worst! We all talk fast in my family, so I learned early to jump in and throw down, but find in the real world I come across as rude because when others pause to breathe, I strike! In my family, if you quit circle breathing and take a deep breath, you've intentionally given up the floor. Duh. Oh and I'm so in a plateau around the 160 mark.
I wish I could have a yoga moment!!!! Maybe I need to do yoga and that'll be the ticket, right?

Oh my goodness, I do interrupt people, I'm awful. I'm from the Boston area baby, we all talk fast, and we're rude and crude and socially unacceptable. I'm actually fairly reluctant to speak when I'm being totally natural, but through force of habit I've just learned that to be heard at all I've got to talk over others. It's gotten me more than one reprimand here in the South, where people tend to talk slowly and I get impatient as heck when I know their point already. Ah well. Maybe I'll learn. Right? I totally hear you on family, it's like that for sure with me too.

If you figure out what to do to break 160, I'll seriously pay you for the secret. SO frustrated!
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