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Originally Posted by taubele View Post
Oh, scale. It makes no sense. I almost had wanted it to be up so that it made SENSE. This entire plateau has been the Plateau Of No Sense. I've changed my workout habits (from Zumba to the Shred to the gym), my workout schedule, my eating habits, my water habits, I've clicked my heels three times and said that there's no place like home, and nothing. I've been waffling around 160 for three months now! ARGH! So annoying!!!!
LOL on channeling Dotty, do you follow it up with a "yoga moment"? Oh sweet sweet Terri, you and and I have much in common. I've been often told that auctioneering would have been a solid career choice and I rattle off novels here on fitday too. I'm confess myself curious, do you interrupt people? I'm the worst! We all talk fast in my family, so I learned early to jump in and throw down, but find in the real world I come across as rude because when others pause to breathe, I strike! In my family, if you quit circle breathing and take a deep breath, you've intentionally given up the floor. Duh. Oh and I'm so in a plateau around the 160 mark.
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