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Originally Posted by ransomsmoke View Post
This isn't a bank site. It's very frustrating that a) the site logs me out several times throughout the day, and 2) the site is programmed so that firefox cannot remember the password (the field in the form is most likely not specified as a form password field).
I absolutely agree with you on a)! There is no point in logging users out and a fix should not take longer than 5 minutes, tops. I mean, what's there to change? You just extend the cookie lifetime from 1h to 1year or so.

But since this seems to be dragging on, you can at least fix 2) by using Greasemonkey (provided you are using Firefox, but I'm guessing there are similar plugins for Chrome or Opera) and the script "Allow password remembering". This will allow Firefox to remember the password for virtually every password field, but I would strongly recommend using it ONLY for trivial logins like this one and NOT for your banking, or paypal, or email.
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