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Originally Posted by Kathy13118 View Post
'So the old "discuss that with your doctor" goes nowhere with me and I think more people today are waking up to this reality.'

I actually have a magnesium supplement that I take randomly. My doctor (whom I trust) is on the vitamin D bandwagon. He's been testing my levels now, as many doctors have adapted and started testing for that vitamin, and finally I'm at the bottom of the normal range! After maybe two years!
Sounds like you've got a good doctor. They're not all bad, obviously. But trust is something that needs to be earned with me from a doctor.

I've heard more horror stories that I can account from friends who have been misdiagnosed and just randomly pumped full of pharmaceuticals.

And yeah, sometimes it takes years to restore proper levels of a vitamin/mineral deficiency. I think after 6 months of magnesium supplementation I'm finally started to really notice an improvement in my energy level.

It's good about your doc and Vitamin D. He sounds like one of the good ones.

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