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Default Journal entry 1: 3/10/2012

Never been one to follow fad diets or any kind of diet, however I have experimented with a couple in the past with some positive results. In the past couple weeks since starting, I really have not had much of an appetite so I have only been eating mostly one or two large meals a day consisting of any combination of soup, veggies, rice, entree salads and protein shakes.

One of my approaches in fat loss to start off with at least is to allow my liver to be fully utilized in processing the existing excess body fat. The idea is to cleanse the liver so it can metabolize fat more efficiently. There are two "diets" that can help do this. The master cleanse and the fat flush detox.

So what I started today and continuing until 3/14 is to do my own all-liquids fast. Drinking water, juice, tea, nutritional shakes, protein smoothies, RTDs etc.

Once done with the liquids fast, the plan is to move on to the master cleanser followed by the fat flush detox.

As for activity, very light cardio at home (emphasis on light)

Bring on the cravings! They will be vanquished!

34, M, 5'9"

Start date: 3/01/2012
Start Weight: 350lbs

Long term goal: 170 lbs
End date: 05/01/2013
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