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Default Goals

Thanks for all the welcomes and encouragement, much appreciated.

So these are my starting goals at the beginning of this journey.

short term:-
mid point date: 9/01/2012
mid-point weight: 270lbs

long term:-
end date: 5/01/2013
end weight: 170lbs
end waist: 32
end blood pressure: 120/70

Some of the things I want to be able to do and accomplish...aside from saving my health from dangerous heart-attack and stroke inducing numbers...

1. Would like to take a trip to Colorado to hike the Rockies,

2. Would love to start mountain biking again.

3. I want to go dance my butt off at some all night club or rave, to dance with the energy level and difficulty as something akin to Michael Jackson , Chris Brown or the like.

4. Would also love to plan a trip to Hawaii to go hiking and hang gliding or base jumping.

5. Also, I want to plan a trip back to Cali to go surfing, go to Knott's Berry Farm and go on every adult ride at least once.

That's about it for now. As time goes I'm sure there will be more things that come to mind to accomplish.

34, M, 5'9"

Start date: 3/01/2012
Start Weight: 350lbs

Long term goal: 170 lbs
End date: 05/01/2013

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