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my 16 year daughter has been a vegetarian for 4 years now, but the rest of the family is not. that means i'm the lucky one that gets to make 2 dinners every night. but i found a great way to get her the protein she needs that tastes good and is easy. it's a non-meat product by a company called Quorn. they make non-meat chicken, beef and turkey products that have the texture of real meat and also don't have no soy so they don't have the funny after taste that i think soy products do. i use the naked chicken cutlets most often and make them the same way i make the rest of our food. if we're having baked chicken with olive oil and seasonings, then that's the same way i make hers. if i'm making quesadillas for the family, i cut a chicken cutlet up, warm it up with a tiny bit of oil and taco seasoning and make her quesadillas too. one chicken cutlet has 80 calories, 2.5g fat, 5g carbs, 2g fiber and 11g of protein. i think it's the best stuff ever made for vegetarians! you said you live in a small town, so i don't know if they will carry it right by you, but their website has a store locator by zip code. maybe if it's not in your town you can find it nearby and stock up once in a while. the only thing is, you do need to cook it with a smidge of oil for best results when cooking by itself (such as not in a casserole that has liquids in it). tastes great seasoned with garlic herb seasoning cut up on top of salads too! i really recommend trying it.
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