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Hi every one,
I am so excited about losing weight! It's way over due, I have watched my self eat unhealthy and sit around for way to long. After have kids I got lazy with working out and I would eat anything easy or fast. Not a good way to be, at least for me any more. Even after my doctor told me that the health of my back was fading I blow him off and pretended I was fine. Than it happened, My back got worse and worse. Now it's in risk of breaking at any minute. They did test and I guess this condition has been building up since child hood not knowledge by my childhood doctors. Now I am trying to save it for as long as I can. I guess its better than the other way around
I would really like to meet others here and have a few diet buddy's.

End Goal:~~~~~~~~1st Goal: April 17th 2012
Tummy-33" ~~~~~~~~~~39"
Hips-40" ~~~~~~~~~~~48"

Ready to change my life and play with my kids easier, any one else in!
Please reply if you want me as a diet buddy! thank's

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