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i've been cooking my chicken in the crock pot to make quesadillas and enchiladas. all i do is dice up one onion and add 1 sm can of diced green chiles to the bottom of the pot. then i add in the chicken, right out of the freezer. i cook it just like that for about 5.5-6 hours on high. then, i use a knife and fork to just pull the chicken apart like you would for pulled pork. i add 1 envelope of taco seasoning into the crock pot and stir it all up.

to make enchiladas i tear up whole grain tortillas and layer the bottom of the pan (oh...spray with pan spray first), add the chicken, cover with more torn tortillas. put cheese on top and then a can of red enchilada sauce on top. cook until heated through at about 400F for maybe 40 minutes. my family loves this! if you want you can top with green onion and/or sliced black olives or serve with f.f. sour cream. delish!

then, for quesadillas just spray a pan or griddle with pan spray, lay down whole grain tortillas, put chicken in and some cheese. put another tortilla on top. cook in pan or on griddle until it's a little golden and a bit crispy. flip and do the other side. for the other side i spray some pan spray right on top of the helps it crisp better.

the quesadillas take a little more time because you have to stand there and cook them, but they are VERY tasty and the chicken cooks while you're away for the day. the enchiladas are so tasty and easy, i hope you try it.
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