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Point taken, Kathy. Just to be clear, I think WW is a wonderful plan but it does have some flaws as I pointed out.

It's more of a philosophical difference I suppose. The old "discuss that with your doctor" means nothing to me. Doctor's are not proactive, they are reactive. That is how they are trained. This is why I don't trust them, nor respect them for anything more than surgeries/repairing broken bones, etc. They pump people full of pharmaceutical drugs that have a multitude of side effects, and I suspect that many are in bed with the industry. So the old "discuss that with your doctor" goes nowhere with me and I think more people today are waking up to this reality.

With FitDay, one knows how much Magnesium they are getting daily, it's not a guessing game. They can assume they are not deficient, then they can have blood work done to confirm it, along with everything else. The difference is, with WW, they don't know if they are getting adequate amounts or even too much. That's all I'm saying.

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