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Originally Posted by fit4luv View Post
OK - I just had to go look at my MV. Mine has magnesium! Yipppee & Yea!!!

People really don't know what they are putting in their bodies unless they log in their food, like on FitDay, right? Is that the crux of what you're saying?
Yes, that's the bottom line. How much Magnesium are you getting? And what brand? You know there's new research indicating that the RDA is too low and people should be getting 500 mg a day, not 400-420. When I first started tracking I discovered I was woefully short. I was getting around 200 mg a day, and that's WITH my multi.

Since I've been taking a separate supplement (Magnesium Citrate) and eating carrots, popcorn, and pumpkin seeds daily I'm averaging around 600 mg/day which is what one needs if they're doing a lot of cardio, which I'm doing. I no longer feel tired any more and I sleep better. Both can be attributed to proper amounts of Mg in the diet.

New research indicates that Magnesium should be about half of the Calcium RDA, which is set at 1200 mg.

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