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I have had the best results with Herbalife. I lost weight immediately, gained healthy energy... but best was getting allergies, asthma and migraines under control. No asthma, migraine or blood pressure meds anymore. :

It didn't cure anything, but all symptoms are gone. I must have just had some serious food sensitivities or something.

I have tried WW in the past, I lost weight - but for some reason that wasn't enough incentive for me to keep going on it.

Tried LA Weight loss, spent a ton of money, lost some weight- it was placed between KFC & cold stone ice cream ( that was fun!!) I just couldn't stay committed.

With both- my cravings never left- or if they did- they didn't stay gone, & buying their healthier sugary snacks or salty snacks, seemed to only make my cravings hang on.

With Herbalife, I get plenty of nutrition - and my cravings are gone. If I feel like munching on something- I am looking for baby carrots,banana, apple... something along the fruit and veggies line. I found soy nuts at WINCO for 1.48 LB.

I went grocery shopping, I was hungry, & for the first time in my life- I left with bags of fruit & veggies- not chips and sweets. I was actually wanting an orange & baby carrots.

It is safe to say, that in the past the only orange I would have been eating- was the orange color of the inside of a Butter finger & the only baby anything I would have been eating would have been sugar babies.

I use the 1,2,3 Herbalife plan plus tea. I intend to use it for life, to maintain my health and nutrition.

Anyone with questions can let me know.
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