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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
I have hypoglycemia. I feel severe pain in my stomach when I don't eat. If I wait too long to eat, I wind up eating three times as much to "catch up" it seems. I would be curious to hear the kind of foods you eat that you find helpful.
Honestly? Most people wont' like this answer but back when I was having issues with that problem the best foods that kept me from getting hungry again quickly were high fat foods like cheese, fried eggs, fatty meat, etc. You know, they don't call those foods "stick to your ribs" for nothing. They delay hunger.

Now that I'm trying to limit that kind of thing I go for high protein and high fiber foods like tuna sandwiches on whole grain bread. My eggs are boiled now too. A tuna sandwich (I don't use mayo, just the fish) with a couple of boiled eggs keeps me going for a while now. Sometimes fat still helps me not to feel as hungry but I get it in reasonable portions like 90 calorie Barney Butter snack packs.

I don't really have the problem that I used to have. Sometimes I can feel a little bit off after very heavy exercise but for the most part I can be hungry without trembling or an acid stomach now.

I know what you mean about after having one of those incidents needing to gorge to feel normal.
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