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Hi Lisa, there's lots of us out here, and the support is here!

IMO, diabetic eating is no different than healthy eating. Try to substitute brown grains for all the white starchy processed grains. White carbs turn to sugar quickly in your body, making your sugar readings go up. Brown grains break down in your body much slower, and help with your levels. This has been the hardest thing for me. Nothing to me is better than a huge piece of warm, buttered white bread! If you can, eat protein with all your meals and snacks, you can find it in nuts, meats, beans, low fat cheeses, greek yogurt. Include Lots of veggies of course. Fruit is good, some fruits have higher sugars in them than others.

No one is perfect. Don't try to be all at once, or you'll get discouraged real fast. I've been fighting my diagnosis for 7 yrs. finally, this year, now on insulin, I've come to realize, if I take good care of myself, diabetes is not a death sentence.

Visit the ADA website. There are many diabetic bloggers out there on the web, who share their experiences. Find them and find those people u can relate to their stories. I promise it helps. And hang out here, there are type 1s, type 2s, IR people, and Type 1.5ers like me.

I have this quote on my wall at work,

"Poor diabetes management causes neuropathy and amputation.
Good diabetes management causes NOTHING.".

Good luck! See u in the forums!
Chris S.
Insulin dependent diabetic since early 2011
Start wt. 171. (dec 2011)
Current wt 143 lbs.
Goal wt. 140 lbs
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