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Default Here's my take . . .

Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
I was gonna say maybe you should make up some complicated crazy diet/exercise plan and tell them you did that. It seems like they might just be looking for reasons why they "can't do that" anyway.

I won't lie. I do find logging tedious or constricting sometimes. But it does work.
I agree with Hope. But really, am I lazy for not liking to deal with numbers? I'm so not a number person. I get so tired of tracking everything. To be blunt: I despise the tedious aspect of counting calories. (The first reason I joined FitDay.) I like Tori's idea of approaching logging in as a game. That idea helps. If I had to track calories by writing everything down - I would probably last only a day or two.

How it works for me at this at this point in my life:
#1. As I log in, I watch numbers/percentages play out. I learn for instance, about how many Calories for one meal to aim for. So I learn what combination of portions/servings of food works.

#2. I learn about food composition. Fats is a big thing for me to watch. So I continue to learn what foods are healthier and how to end up with a better looking pie chart.

#3. I approach eating with servings of food groups (Think the Food Pyramid). I DO NOT like to count calories. That's why I like FitDay, because it counts it for me. So as I work toward cleaner consumption by thinking thru Food Servings in the various Food Groups, the FitDay charts guide me. Does that make sense?

Other than Laziness?:When people respond that they can't do it, I wonder if they feel overwhelmed by tedious numbers. It may be laziness, but I think that often there is more to it than that. IF they can see how logging with FitDay can be adapted to their talents/abilities and to their own thought processing, then they need not feel so overwhelmed.

My Opinion: People first need to admit where they are, they need encouragement & hope, and they need reinforcements. They need to be shown how it is feasible for them with their uniqueness. (I guess you could just stick my name in this paragraph, because that's how it is for me.)

So please don't blame "not wanting to count calories syndrome" as laziness only. When people ask, "How did/do you do it?", what do you think the real question is? Is it that they need to see hope? And the response: "I can't do that." Again, they need to see that it is possible for them to become healthier, but they need to start where they are and not where you/we are.

In the end, each person needs to take responsibility for themselves and live with consequences of decisions (good or bad).
Best Wishes, Luv
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