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Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
Welcome Megan I think we can find room in our hearts for someone a little outside our metric all we ask is that you join and both give and take encoruagement!

And like you Kimbur, I report in no change - 155 - however - I'm hoping there was a little artificial jump in that, without being too graphic, I had to get off the treadmill to go to the bathroom, which was after I weighed in.

Never mind, it's the number and if it's artificially high (as I hope), that minimal difference will give me a lower next week - I'm in this for the long haul not the gold star of this minute.

A little frustrated at my inabiltiy to support DH, his weight is slipping up , after a diligent process of getting it down. Were cooking nice healthy low calorie dinners, and hes carrying good lunches breakfast is cottage cheese it all sounds good, but too often (as in last night) its I had an incredibly stressful day, and Id really like to go out And I say yes because I want to support him, and then he has fries and a beer, and its no wonder those hard lost pounds are re-appearing. He knows all this, and well knows the health consequences (both as a biologist, and as one who has experienced the benefits of losing a lot of weight). Its so hard to look long term.

Well enough about me, I know my stresses are minor compared to many on this board!
Abby, your stress is totally understandable. It's hard to try to help someone we love and to watch them make bad choices. My DD eats terribly, is overweight and feels generally kind of crappy. I try to help her but she's nearly 18; I'm not always with her and even when I am, she has to learn how to do what is good for her, not just what feels good at the moment (don't we all, it feels.) But getting back to your DH, I think the awareness is there and hopefully the actions will follow. And for my DD too, I hope!!!
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