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Originally Posted by nottango View Post
Good morning everyone. Welcome Megan!
140# this morning. I didn't lose, but am wearing the same pants I wore 2 weeks ago when I began (Ash Wed) and they are definitely looser. They're the one "fat pants" that I did not get rid of when I lost the weight originally. "they" say you're not supposed to keep the fat clothes, but I like putting on clothes from time to time that hang on me - it reminds me of how far I've come. They used to be tight on me (before June 2010).
I started to jog this morning, but wasn't feeling it because it was REALLY windy.
I am expecting to see a drop by next week for sure.
Have a great day everyone!
I like the idea of keeping the "fat clothes" to show how far you have come (as opposed to keeping them for "insurance.") Fitness and toning are so important. You have come so far already!!! I have a good feeling that you will see the results you want!!

My goal: lose another pound be next week and try to do some form of movement, no matter how small, and to "get back on the good foot." (to quote James Brown)

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