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Hey all! I want to send a big hug to all you guys, parents and non parents alike. I guess every life has its stresses. Those on the motivational thread have read about mine: a lot of loss early in life, health issues, a troubled teenage daugther who I am trying so hard to help.

Mothers sometimes have to remember to take care of themselves, make time for themselves. I guess everybody has to remember that!!!

Life can be very hard. But today feels like a new start. A new chance to be positive, to give it my best. I have been sick again lately, not able to drive sometimes or even sit up so much. But I am blessed with a loving supportive husband, good friends and some very kind people on this website. Health willing, I may try to take a little walk, maybe do a tiny bit at the gym. One small step at a time.

Oh and I lost a pound so 137, 5'5'' and 137. 12 more to go. One small step at a time.

So I am putting out a positive affirmative: I am healthy, I am successful, my family is safe and happy. May all beings be peaceful, healthy and happy.

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