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Primal Blueprint / paleo / caveman diet / hunter gatherer
Since I started eating like a hunter gatherer I don't need to count calories, exercise less, am not hungry, no more cardio = insatiable appetite, and still am losing/changing. I initially lost 20lbs in about a month. Now 6 months in I am 10lb under my lowest adult weight, I have stagnated. But my body is still changing, pants fit looser, face looks slimmer, wedding ring getting loser. Best of all I don't feel bloated all the time like I use to. Once it warms up I will start walking daily again. I believe that will be enough to start losing again. . At 45years old it's the best I have ever felt.
1. Eliminate grains
2. Balance omega 3/6
3. Eat more grass-fed beef
4. Eat lots fresh veggies
5. Eat lots of fat - coconut, butter, animal fats - 50%+ of calories
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