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I was afraid to try to diet for a long time because when I would get hungry I would start shaking from low blood sugar, and my stomach would feel like it would fill with acid and cause a sour stomach and acid reflux.

The only way to prevent this was to eat enough before I went to work on food that was fatty enough/protein packed enough to stick in my stomach until I could eat again.

Sometimes stuffing myself before I went to work still wasn't enough and I'd end up trembling from low blood sugar or having acid come up into my mouth or just a very bad stomach ache on top of a growling stomach a few hours later when my stomach was empty if I had to wait too long before I could eat.

I did best if I ate every couple of hours and if the meal was heavy enough to stick that long.

That's one reason that I gained so much weight, I had to constantly have something on my stomach or I would start shaking and feel sick.

I was really afraid to try to diet because of how painful and unpleasant being hungry was, more than it was for other people. I thought I was stuck being heavy and I didn't know what to do about it.

My doctor's office told me a weight that was 30 pounds higher than what I'd estimated and I felt caught between being afraid of passing out from the low blood sugar and being afraid that one day or night my heart was just going to explode. I had an image in my head of myself that was about possibly having a stroke with half my body paralyzed and half my face frozen and it really scared me badly, and that movitated me to try to prevent that if I could. I was also afraid of a sudden, fatal heart attack.

I was under tremendous stress being caught between a rock and a hard place like that. I was so afraid of being hungry because I knew how it made me feel.

I was able to start losing weight by eating very large portions of low calorie foods with lots of fiber in them which helped them to "stick" around in my stomach long enough to where I didn't have a hypoglycemic shaking fit. After I lost more weight I didn't have the same health issues. I'm able to actually feel mild natural hunger now without worrying about passing out from low blood sugar or getting a shaking fit or having an extremely sour stomach.

I think that was my biggest hurdle that I had to get over, that was keeping me from getting where I am now. So maybe other people have issues like that too (that are probably both made worse by their excess weight, and perpetuate or worsen the problem) but they don't want to talk about them.
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