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Very well put. I wasn't saying that WW was only about calories. I was just pointing out that their "points" are based on calories. I have no problems with WW (other than the price). My SIL lost 90 lbs using WW after the birth of their last child. But, like a lot of people, she stopped doing what was working (keeping track of her points and going to meetings) and subsequently gained it all back plus more. She liked the fact that the guess work of what was in a certain dish was done for her. I on the other hand prefer to calculate it myself, and see where I can make substitutions to lower the caloric intake for something. But I'm a big math nerd, and LOVE doing those kinds of things. I feel that as long as something works for you, don't change it. FD is working for me, so I'll stick with it.

On a side note, one of my coworkers was talking about needing to lose weight (like she does weekly, but God bless it, I love her) and she made the comment "Tori, I just don't see how you do it! I gotta be able to EAT!" When I explained, for the 1000th time that I DO eat. She said "well, I gotta be able to eat GOOD food." I had to remind her, that I still eat "good food", just prepared in healthier ways. She gave me this funny look, and said "well, the way you do it is just too hard for someone stupid like me." I just smiled and said "you know what, maybe it is a little bit complicated for some people, but it's working out just fine for me." And I ended the conversation. There are some people who just DON'T WANT TO HEAR THE TRUTH. There's no use arguing with them.

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