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I'm in! Today is the first day of the 8 week Healthy Weigh Challenge at work. I am shooting for 14.8 lbs which would put me at a nice even 250 in those 8 weeks. I still haev 25 days of shred to go so that should help to get me there. Especially now that I have decided to stop eating the little bits of bad things that I let creep into my mouth during the past week or so. I think it is a subconscious thing when you have a challenge coming up to let it go for a week or so that way you can really get into it to get a jump start on the loss the first week or so.

Things with son are going along pretty smooth. A few bumps over what is an acceptable video game and him trying to corner me into giving back one that he claims isn't "so bloody". I am standing firm. If we took it away there was a reason and you aren't getting it back. Period. He is also mad that the family therapy sessions restart tonight. He doesn't think it helps. He's mostly right but we haven't had enough sessions to say whether it really helps or now.

Yesterday, out of the blue, I got out the photo albums and packets of developed pics and started sorting. Took every pic out of the albums because I had both boys all mixed up together in there and sorted them for each boy and pics of the two of them together, then sorted them in age order as best as I could since most aren't marked. I got both boys individually back in the books. Now I have left to do the together pics and the miscellaneous family pics too. It was relaxing and I didn't even know I wanted to do it until I just grabbed them and started. Oh how nice it would be to go back to those adorable little dimpled smiles! But only for about a day. Then I'll take back the ability to leave the house for a few hours and not have to worry about a sitter or what the kids are doing.

On with the goals. May mix it up a little this week.

Health / Fitness ...
1. 100 oz water daily
2. No Diet Coke (still hanging on for lent)
3. 30 Day Shred 6 days of the week M: Yes,
4. Walk on lunch when I can (not Monday or Weds due to appts) M: N/A,
5. Log it!
6. Weigh and post it daily M: 264.8lbs,

Life Goals ...
1. Finish photo album cleanup
2. Don't get frustrated. He isn't doing it just to make me upset.
3. Finalize bank paperwork
4. Finish laundry (put away too!)

This week I need a set of weekend goals. I need to see them all week so I have a game plan in mind when the weekend gets here.
1. Clean out car
2. Good cleaning of kitchen level includes fridge and cupboards
3. Wash all curtains
4. Clean out snake tank
5. Whole house general cleaning
6. This might be pushing it but weather permitting, trim some forsynthia bushes!

Tori ... Coyotes won't hurt ya! Like the others said, just don't run away. ... Look at you under 200 lbs! You go girl! ... I hear ya on the paperwork. I dont' know why it is so hard to staple things together neatly. I have a big peeve about that!

Hope ... No way did you hijack last week and if you did then I have for a few weeks. I am honored that you felt okay to share what is going on with us. It takes a lot of guts to share things like that even when annonymous.

Ruby ... Awww glad to hear baby is doing well. ... Sorry about the boredom though. I'm with Amy on the needlework or something to keep the hands busy. Maybe try keeping the snacks out of the bedroom too?

Kim ... LOL at your Monday Smiley!

Quinn ... If you quit buying jelly beans, I won't buy the Cadbury eggs that I look at and pass over every time I go to the grocery store right now. ... Ewww your waterfall story gave me serious goosebumps!

Amy ... You deserve a vacay woman! ... I'd definitely want to read last weeks posts if I were you. There was a lot of interesting discussion last week. ... I love your history kids!

Deborah ... Baked goods for work? Sounds like a trap! LOL! I have to bake a pie for pi (3.14) day soon too. ... You raise chickens? Do you have to have a rooster to get eggs? This was a debate in our house over the weekend and I was too lazy to google it. ... Glad you are feeling better! It's hard to eat right when you don't feel well.

Almost forgot to mention, I'm off for my trans-vaginal ultrasound this afternoon. That's always fun.
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