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Planning ahead does help. And so does logging. I'll be honest and say that I get overwhelmed sometimes and don't want to log. I just want to eat "naturally." But I am an emotional eater with health problems so I do need to watch what I eat. I am very food sensitive, have high bp and borderline cholesterol and when I lose a bit, my numbers get better. When I eat better, it helps with my fibromyalgia. Trouble is, when I am in a fibro flare, I just find it hard to cook, log, etc. And when I try to exercise in a flare, I wind up bedridden for a couple of days.

I lost some weight recently (from meds) and then gained it all back (couldn't tolerate the meds.) But I also ate more. I take full responsibilty for this. The ironic thing is that when I got a bit heavier, people kept telling me how skinny I looked and asking me how I did it, telling me not to lose any more. Maybe it was the clothing I was wearing IDK, maybe illness and other factors made me look a bit drawn. IDK. Anyway after telling them stuff they didn't want to hear like I try tracking my food and don't eat sugar, try to watch carbs, etc, I finally told them I was on the "stress diet" - that I had lost weight due to stress. That shut them up, believe me. Nobody wants to be on that diet!!!

If telling people about Fitday doesn't work, maybe don't tell them. I'm not saying lie, I'm just suggesting that maybe we don't have to explain ourselves. When people are ready to hear the truth, they will.

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