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Default I know the feeling

I am new to the fitday boards...though not new to dieting or dieting message boards. When I saw your post I had to reply.

Like you, I am a chip-aholic. Tons of good advice posted here...but I know when that urge comes if it's there you give in to them..and it often starts a whole array of cravings. At least for me. The past month I experienced some of the strongest cravings for chips and other carbs that I've had in many years. A knee injury has prevented exercise and perhaps that had something to do with it. Not sure but whatever it was as many things as I tried I could not control it. Even the Kale chips which usually works did not satisfy.Then I ordered the saffron extract supplement I had seen on Dr. Oz. It did nothing the first 5 days. Day 6 was much better and now after 12 days I have no cravings for anything. I am not one for pills or miracle cures..but it might be worth a try for you.
Good luck
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