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Amy, you ARE supermom, the NICE supermom, which makes you even more awesome!!! Have BIG FUN in NOLA!!! I'd say you earned it!!!

Mary, have a great couple of days away. I know you can stick to your goals.

Kim, I am with you. My energy is in the crapper too (tho I did manage to clean out my pantry, not what I planned to do today.)

Tori, I loved the blue jay stoy. And also how you "complimented" Mike on his goals. Kudos on reaching one of yours, honey!!

Pam, you are our resident wildlife consultant. I pictured those kids in the yard, thankfully sans bears. Yeah friends here have had bears attracted to their bird feeders. One friend thought he had accidentally hit a deer on the road, turns out it was a bear.

Rubystars, Momma, take care of you. Rest and baby yourself as well as the baby.

Mern, I love you. Can I adopt you as surrogate family? At least I'd know I'd get good meals and lots of loving support!!! And we should adopt Amy and she could make us all cool Halloween costumes!!! Even historically accurate ones!!!! (Only kidding, Amy, you already do MORE THAN ENOUGH work.) Guess I kinda gotta adopt you all...

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