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Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post

When I was walking Thursday evening I kept hearing something rustling in the woods beside me, and it unnerved me enough to find out what it was. Yeah, it was a blue jay LOL!! I've been out of the country and in the city too long!!

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On your next vacation, I think I'll get you up on a pair of snowshoes, ski poles, backpack ( and snacks, of course!) and take you on my favorite trails... no streets or perfectly planned parks... no sir! Backwoods trail hiking! Rock cliffs, deep woods, no perfectly groomed trails, no picnic areas or rest stops... lol. I'll shake that city girl out of you! LOL

Seriously, the only time that I was ever afraid of trail hiking/backpacking was when I was in the mountains in Tennessee. A local hiker told us about a great place to go. We hiked almost 9 miles into an unbelievable waterfall, but miscalculated the amount of daylight left. For some reason, the hike felt "off" to me right from the start and I felt really creepy and vulnerable. I asked my husband to quit about 2 miles in, that we would go back in the morning, but he wanted to continue, so we did. To make a long story short, we lost our daylight about 2 miles from our SUV and then it was really creepy.

The next week, after we had returned home, I saw on CNN that a young girl had been mauled by a cougar near that same waterfall. I have no idea how I knew, but something just didn't feel safe about that place.

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