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Got in my 2 miles this morning plus an extra 5 minutes. Goals this week are the same as always, so I won't list them until tomorrow in my Monday report.

Luv, wishing your DD a speedy recovery!

Hope! You did not hijack the thread last week. Your pals here freely responded because they care about you--no apology necessary. Big hug to ya!

Ruby wishing you a speedy recovery back to your normal body and activities. Glad to learn that the baby is doing well, too. Awesome is quite well.

Hi, Kim. I hope your day gets more energetic.

Quinn, congrats on success with your goals last week. That IS sad about the deer struggling to walk in all that snow. Must be awfully hard for them to get to a food supply. What do deer eat in the winter?

Amy! OMG major congrats to DD10 for earning 1st place individual in the history competition! Aw, that's great how you encouraged Molly Pitcher into staying in the History club. Kudos to you for all the work you do with the kids! Enjoy that vacation and best wishes on catching up with the our thread.
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