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Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
Amy-I swear you really are Super Mom!! I wanna be like you when I grow up!

And don't brag about your little vacay. I wanna go back and I've only been home for a week!

Have fun though
LOL, no I'm not supermom. I've met her, she's really not that nice. I'm more like "middle of the road mom, with the occasional moment of genius". I just try and do what's right for the kiddos, they steer the boat and I do whatever I can to keep the boat motor running, and in the process make darn sure they aren't spoiled rotten.

I felt so bad for my little Molly Pitcher yesterday. I took her out for ice cream, she was little Miss Longface, and then I mentioned that a local park here had volunteers dressed in period costumes and that maybe our club should check in to that. Her whole face just lit up, so that's what we'll do. I think it'll be fun, I even promised to make her a new petticoat and skirt. Her Molly Pitcher petticoat has a pair of cannon holes through it. Okay, not actual cannon holes, I cut them with a pair of scissors, and she blackened them with markers and brown boot polish. Because according to the diary of a soldier, Molly Pitcher took a cannon shot between the knees, which took away part of her dress and put a hole straight through her petticoat. Without batting an eye Molly commented that, "tis a good thing it wasn't any higher or it might have taken away somethin' else". And then she continued firing her cannon for the rest of the battle. She is the only woman that George Washington promoted to Sergent in his army, she also received a full army pension. And her name wasn't "Molly Pitcher" it was "Mary Ludwig Hayes", her husband was Irish and spoke with a brogue, which stressed the "a" and rolled the "r", hence the confusion. OMG it's a crying shame she's not going to State, it's such a great story, and my little Molly can deliver it with a good bit of humor.
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