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Tori, I grew up in a place that has coyotes too. If you ever encounter one, do not run, they are programmed to chase. If you stand your ground they usually back off, they teach the kids around here to "Stand and Roar", which actually works rather well to chase them off. Wolves on the other hand are much more aggressive. We have those around here too, they are particularly opportunistic in the mating department, and it's not uncommon for a domestic dog to end up with a litter of 1/2 wolf pups. And I agree, insomnia does suck.

Quin, OMG bears? Wow, now those are scary! We've had just a few of those around here and it's always big news. But my brother and his family went camping up north and during the night a bear attack their coolers. Pulled the plastic one completely apart and put teeth marks through the metal sides on another. They watched the whole thing through the window of their camper, wishing they'd brought a gun. But once the bear had eaten all of the lunch meat, hot dogs, marshmallows and jam, it left. They still have the metal cooler with the teeth marks in it and they still go camping up north, but now they bring a firearm, raise all their coolers up into a tree at night and sprinkle dog poo all around the campsite. Weird, but apparently it works to keep the bears away.

ruby, sorry to hear that you're having some postpartum issues. I had something similar with our first. Do you have any hobbies that you can do sitting down? If not it might be the perfect time to teach yourself to knit or embroider. I know it's hard, finally you can bend over and touch your toes, but um no you can't. Just be patient and give your body time to heal, the more patient you are the faster you'll be better. And when you feel hungry drink a big glass of water before you eat something. I was never so thirsty in my life as I was postpartum.
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