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Good morning all my lovelies! Sorry I went AWAL last week, couldn't be helped. I'm optimistic by nature, and so tend to gloss over how much time things will take to actually complete, the planning in my mind runs smoothly, but real life is a whole different story. True to form, last week I left too many things until the last possible second. It was all worth it because DD10 took first in Individual Performance at History Day on Saturday, and received a stipend to compete at the State level. To accomplish that she needed 2 costumes, a revolutionary era flag, an antique looking embroidery loom, a pair of candle sticks, some random furniture, a back drop and one really nervous, stressed out, exhausted mother. Plus I didn't have to get just her ready, she talked me into running History Club, so there were 3 other performers plus a student with a website entry. So in addition to rehearsal every night after school, I made 4 skirts, 2 petticoats, 4 bonnets, a flowered laurel, typed 3 bibliographies, 2 process papers, 1 title sheet and part of a flag. Thank heaven the flag didn't need to be actually finished, that is a serious amount of work! Each 5 pointed star has 10 edges that must be hand sewn, and this flag has 13 stars. My respect for the work of Betsy Ross has increased tenfold.

One sad note is that my student portraying Molly Pitcher didn't qualify for State. She had a really bad bout of stage fright and her performance was flat, and another girl who did her project on Mary Todd Lincoln turned out to be a surprisingly good public speaker got the spot instead. So yesterday afternoon I took Molly Pitcher out for ice cream and we decided that History Club is about more than just the History Day competition. She's promised not to quit History Club after I promised to find some re-enactments for the group to attend. Oi, what was I thinking? Now I'm going to have to make a dress for myself (probably with hoops right?) and learn how to churn butter and spin wool.

I don't know how much I'll be able to participate this week, DH surprised me with a little vacay starting tomorrow, talk about perfect timing! Momma needs some serious R&R. We're going to New Orleans! I can't wait! Anyway, I am going to make some goals, but more relaxed than usual. And I'll only be able to check in on my phone, and I won't be able to weigh myself, but I will actually have time to check in and read the thread. Speaking of threads, I haven't caught up on last weeks, I'm about 1/2 way through, but I will have time tomorrow. And don't tell me not to bother, I'm always interested in what you guys have to say, it's like being in a room with all my chattiest girlfriends.

Health Goals:

1. Watch portions carefully, not more than 2 cheats.
2. Water 5 bottles every day.
3. Walk 10,000 steps daily.
4. Work out, do the Shred or hit the hotel gym for 30 min daily.
5. Write, log food everyday to the best of my abilities.
See Luv, I'm taking your funky lists to heart WWWWW...

Other Stuff:

1. Get laundry done.
2. Finish cleaning house.
3. Call Jo.
4. Call guy with elliptical parts.
5. Call Tom.
6. Get taxes done.
7. Pack my stuff and pack bags for kids.

As you can see most of that second list needs to be done today so I gotta get going.
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