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Good Morning All!

I had pretty good success with my goals last week, so I'm going to keep them pretty much the same. Hopefully, the weather will be kind and I'll be able to get out walking more.

Coyotes are more creepy than they are dangerous. I'm surrounded by coyote, fox, bear and an occasional wolf. (I live on the edge of a forest and a river.) Coyotes are generally pretty scared of people. Their cry is horrifying though! In the spring, when they have pups, they wake me up at night and it sounds like creepy, loud babies crying. I'm not sure why they would close a park, unless they were diseased, in great numbers or defending newly born pups. That's kind of interesting. Last spring, I had a bear that came to my bird feeder (3 feet from my kitchen window) each night at dusk with her year old cubs. THAT freaked me out because they are really destructive and unless everyone in the area removes their bird feeders, which they won't, they keep coming. And to think, I used to send my kids out in the back yard with tents and snacks for slumber parties! lol (Didn't seem to be the bear issue back then.) I watched deer in the woods behind my house yesterday trying to walk in snow up to their chest... It was really sad, especially since the snow was nearly gone a week ago.

This week's goals:

1. Take ALL vitamins and supplements.
2. 80 oz. of water a day, or more.
3. Calories ALWAYS under 1200.
4. Walk, weather permitting... 3 warm days ahead!
5. NO bread... nothing, nada, zilch.
6. Minimum 3 fruits and veggies a day, preferably more.
7. One 1 hour nap/relaxation period each day. (Need to recharge the 'ol batteries... )
8. Quit buying jellybeans!!!

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