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Tori, I agree: insomnia SUCKS!!!! As for your very worthy goals, I will support you but I cannot yell at you. You are too cool. Ditto what Luv says regarding how amazing and inspirational you are. And yes please do stay safe, honey! And Luv, I hope your little girl is OK.
Mike, I wrote something on the last motivational thread. But what a horrific experience. I defintiely think you should complain to higher ups. It's not only disgusting but violates health laws.
I feel like I hijacked the thread with my problems last week; I apologize for that.

My goals:
1) 6 glasses of water minimum
2) get the eating under control
3) avoid sugar
4) lower carb
5) stretch
6) try to be more positive
7) exercise in some form if fibro allows

OK new week new start everyone!!!
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