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Talking I'm "All Aboard"

I have a sick little girl . . . so here I am early in the morning. After this post I'll probably go back & lay down, if she's asleep.

Mike ~ Congrats on your marathon! And btw, your experience in that chain motel --- eeeks & eeeeewwwwww!

Tori ~ Please stay safe!!!
Just got caught up on the last thread. You've really come a long way & made such a great turn around in your life. In fact, from what I read of your posts, you've made a HUGE POSITIVE change.

I don't know if you remember, but you are one reason I stayed here on FitDay Forums. YOU inspire me!

So . . .if you can stand a little mush about now . . .
Here are some reasons - I'm sure I'm not hitting all your good qualities:
#1. Persistance. You keep picking yourself up - even after being hard hit like last week.

#2. Honesty. You face your problems. You are "real".

#3. Consistency. I remember reading that maybe there was only one day that you did not log your intake? Lady, you're a role model!!!

#4. Fun. What more can be said? You're one fun, witty gal!

#5.Outcome. Wow! I read that you lost "53" pounds. I veiw that as great success.

So lady -- you go girl!!!

--------------~~~~~~~~~~~~~~----------1st Portion Of my Goals->
FitDay Challenge *~* Reach New Heights
Sun = Cushion Day {Respite with Reason} . . . Daily = x6/wk
Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch & grow & reach new heights.
- Pauline R. Kezer

MON MISSION -> Log in before eating.

More of my goals to come later. Will mostly be the same except will be stretching a bit more - literally & figuratively. For example, I'll be adding in the Circuit along with my 10 miles (walking). Also, with DAY (Life) goals, I'm changing things a bit and up the anty with that. Overall, I say that I've done pretty well considering that I have tendency toward depression. Thus the reason I'm adding in "Lifestyle" miles - to keep me going with what I need to do around the house.

I may be biting off a pretty full bite this week & so the reason for this week's quote. I've been tired & grumpy with my little girl sick over the weekend, but she's on the mend.

Kim & Mern & Others -> Thank you for your congrats upon goals that I reached last week.

Let's all focus on what we need to do TODAY! (Right now it's sleep for me . . .)

Best Wishes, Luv
We are what we repeatedly do. -Aristotle
::think_ BALANCE <-> Plan * Perspire * Persist...and Pause * Play
:::act_FIT = Focus/Intake/Train . . .+++{} KEY 2 progress
::::progress_2 WIN ~> Start (12/18/11) BMI 40 @ 220 lb

ONGOING: 7/26 ~ 206.4 . . . ADIOS: -12 lb @ 208 lb
ONWARD: /~/ next HURDLE= BMI 37.5 @ 205 lb
*/* FUTURE PRIZE = HEALTH -> BMI 22 @ 120 lb (-100)

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