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I don't like weight watchers because it disguises the fact that people need to count calories. I think that's why so many people will go on weight watchers and lose weight then get off of it and gain weight back. They need to realize it's about calories.

Points are an artificial system. I also read on another thread on this site that Weight Watchers is now allowing many fruits and vegetables, including bananas, to have zero points. If you eat 5 bananas, that's at least 500 calories, the same goes for apples. If you gorge on bananas and apples all day thinking they're zero points, you will be even more fat and wonder why and probably fall into a self-esteem pit. They're not calorie free and Weight Watchers has no right to make them seem that way.

I also think it's idiotic to charge someone for something they could be doing themselves if they learned how to keep track of calories (even if it's on paper).
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