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Default 7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 03/5/12**All Aboard the Wagon**

First let me just say.....INSOMNIA SUCKS!!!!!

So, I completely fell off the wagon after Momma's rude, unthoughtful, inconsiderate, and just plain tacky comments on Friday. But I've got to let it go and move on. I'm not as motivated this week, but I am determined that I'm going to get an all green (or whatever color I choose) clean week. Hopefully this will be the one. I heard about this on the radio while driving to work the other day. My first thought was 'Holy CRAP, that's not too far from Momma and Deddy's!' Yeah, it's exactly 1 mile by car. The article says that it's just "possible" activity, but when I was at my cousin's the other night, because of the tornado, we were sitting outside after the weather died down just a little bit and we could hear them howling and baying. So....yeah, might need to find another place to walk. Although, if one of them came up on me, I don't think this fat girl would ever run so fast.

Goals for the week are pretty much the same as last week. With the exception of Saturday's walk. I am supposed to go to a party Saturday, so I don't think I'll have time to get my walk in. I moved it to Friday instead.

1--calories --M-Th: 1100 no more than 1400, F-Su: at least 1100 no more than 1700
2--64 oz water or more daily
3--stick to new work out schedule--M:Zumba Tu:Cardio Burn W:yoga Th:Zumba F:Cardio Burn Sa:yoga Su:day off--Yell at me, call me names, provoke me, whatever it takes!
4--walk: Tu, W, Fr, Su--at least 3 miles each--again, PUSH ME
5--Weigh and Post daily

1--wash, fold, and put away all vacation laundry (still not done)
2--clean out car (still needs to be done)
3--don't stress about it, but at least think about it (seriously don't stress about it)
4--go to work, do the work, go home. don't take it with me

Mini Goal Weight-220--MET! 01/25/16
Ultimate Goal Weight-TBD

Current Weight-218.8 (January 25, 2016)
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