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I was gonna say maybe you should make up some complicated crazy diet/exercise plan and tell them you did that. It seems like they might just be looking for reasons why they "can't do that" anyway.

I won't lie. I do find logging tedious or constricting sometimes. But it does work.

And I agree with Tori. WW is just calorie restriction in the costume of a points system. As far as plans go, it's probably about the best of em (and I have been on so many of em - cabbage diet anyone? Atkins anyone? South Beach anyone? Dukan anyone?) Maybe you could tell them you did WW. Most people accept WW as a reasonable plan. After all, the Dutchess of York and Jennifer Hudson lost on it so it HAS to be good. And when they say Oh WW, OK, tell them you just did WW by another name: Fitday.

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