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I've had numerous people ask me "how I've done it", and my answers are the same as yours. I count my calories, I log EVERYTHING I eat, I work out, I keep my caloric intake between a set number daily. They look at me as if I had 3 heads and were from outer space. I've had quite a number of people tell me that that just sounds like "too much work" or that they're "not good with numbers like you are. I'd never be able to manage counting calories." I've even explained that I personally don't do the addition (but seriously, is it really that hard?), but that FitDay does it for me. They still say that it's too much work. We're in the age of smartphones, laptops and free WiFi hard is it to pull up a search engine, or a webiste??

I agree with HC. People, as a whole, are lazy. If it requires the most minimal amount of thought or effort, they're out. And you're right on the money when you say that their real problem is they don't want to eat less. I'm a food LOVER, so when I first decided that "this is it", I thought, OMG I'M GOING TO STARVE! And it's quite the contrary....I eat MORE and I'm less hungry throughout the day. I'm just eating fresher, less processed, and less calorie dense foods.

As far as other "weight loss systems" go, if you can afford it and want someone else to tell you what you can and can't eat, then I say go for it. As far as me, I like to control what goes into my body. But that's just me. I like to micro manage. I like crunching numbers. I like over analyzing every detail of my life. The only system I don't really have a problem with is Weight Watchers (other than the fact that you have to pay for it). Because all WW is, is calorie counting dumbed down. They assign "points" to specific products or foods based on the number of calories in that food. It's easier for people to add 2 + 2 than it is to figure out the exact calorie count in that banana and that bowl of oatmeal, and then add THAT together (although, even THAT'S not too complicated). Again, it's HC's answer of people are lazy.

Bottom line is this....if people who ask are serious about losing weight, they'll look into the advice you've given them. If not, then they won't. And some people are just curious.

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