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Originally Posted by callaquill View Post
I don't get that either. Tell me to pay 40 bucks a month to a corporate behemoth, read a long book and combine foods at the right time of day, or lie on shakes and I don't like that. Tell me to count up what I eat and keep it under a given number, I can dig that.
That's what I don't get about their responses. My answer is putting it in the simplest possible terms without elaborate plans or monthly fees. I see this is being much more appealing. Even if fitday weren't around, I'd keep my log on a piece of paper. Of course figuring out values for things like produce would be more difficult without fit day.

Originally Posted by handcycle2005 View Post
It comes down to that people(as a group tendency) are lazy. Counting calories involves looking up foods, thinking about what you eat and exerting willpower to eat those foods.

Much easier to have someone else do the work and hand you a "weight loss system".
Maybe, but "log what you eat and stay between 1200-1800 a day" sounds like the simplest weight loss system I can think of. In my mind it would take more effort to follow some 'points plan' or to count carbs instead of calories, or use a weird card system, or eat this at this time of day, etc.

Maybe what their real problem is, involves the fact that the fit day plan involves eating less, and when they do eat, eating less caloricly dense and sometimes less appealing food, and they're just not willing to do that.

If someone asked me if I'd rather have a bowl of oatmeal or 5 slices of pepperoni pizza, I'd prefer the pizza, but I choose the oatmeal (most of the time). You can't always have the pizza and expect to make any progress.

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