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I'm back on track with a better outlook today. Thanks for your help GlowingG, that forgiveness part was exactly what I needed to do before I could move on. Welcome to Fitday, it sounds like you have some really good support (love the bubble blowing party & sticker ideas , we're all children at heart) and a healthy plan. Congratulations on losing so much! That's wonderful.

Amylee32-I agree with Speedyfair. When I think about how much more I have to lose it gets really hard to stay motivated, too. Since coming to Fitday I've learned to break it up into 10 pound goals & then reward myself for each of those mini-goals...okay, it doesn't feel like mini anything since 10 pounds represents a lot of hard work! But it's doable & together we can make this happen!

SkinnyErinn-boy could I relate to your post. I'm so glad that you've decided to get fit before any weight related health issues creep up on you. Kudos! For decades my docs always fussed at me to lose weight, but my lab work was good until last year, blood sugar was a little high & that's been motivating me to get fit. I also hate to exercise only when it's an exercise program, but love to be active gardening, playing with my dogs, etc. My goal is to adopt lifelong healthy habits so I've started doing regular exercise for an hour a day. I still hate it, but less and less as I press on. I've been focusing on strengthening my core & feel stronger & also less lower back pain from sitting a lot at work so seeing some results keeps me motivated. My dh is an eater but must have the metabolism of a hummingbird since he's in good shape regardless of how much junk food or snacks he eats. It's hard not to follow the other person's example especially when you love food or are a foodie like me. I'm glad that you're on track & making really good progress - awesome job! I look forward to hearing about your progress here.

Hey Speedyfair, I hope you're having a fun holiday weekend. Yes, I'd love that recipe. I've cut the fat & some calories out of the Alton Brown cabbage recipe & will make it today, let me know if you'd like a copy of it.

Enjoy your Spring break Pattialbert
"Most folks are about as happy as
they make up their minds to be."
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