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Default march = 4th month

4/6 month - march
1/4 week (01-11 march)

01.03 thu = rest day: (somehow I ended up without workout ;/ some its gonna be rest day instead of saturday for this long week)
02.03 fri = 185kcal =capoeira, avgHR=73%:21' (its nice to do it again, I was going for 25mins but other things get in the way)
03.03 sat = 384kcal =swimming freestyle:35' (swimming is absolutely awesome and burns lots of calories!)
04.03 sun = rest day
05.03 mod = 292kcal = YURII workout:29' (I havent done this for a while, it was nice to see progress:>)
06.03 tue = 755kcal = soccer:60' (im dead, see you tommorow)
07.03 wed = rest day: (i was suppose to go to soccer today but they cancel it ;/ so i am left without any workout - call it rest day)
08.03 thu = 292kcal = YURII workout:29' (I made it 3 rounds 50/10 for 9 exercises :> NICE !!! )
09.03 fri = rest day (i am feeling very tired and overtrained. I dont like so i have to slow down a bit)
10.03 sat = 88kcal = active rest day- cleaning house:20' (i will put this as active rest day every saturday :>)
11.03 sun = 264kcal = swimming:30' (i had very low energy levels so my swimming was rather recreational then hardcore. Anyway - I dont stop moving :>)

this week was not the best one. My levels of motivation and energy for workout are low and my eating isnt as good as I assumed ;/ But I am not resigning - i will sustain :>

2/4 week (12-18 march)

12.03 mon = 203kcal = running jogging:23' (first time running :> very hard but i made it :>)
13.03 tue = 629kcal = soccer:50' (wonderful and sweaty as always)
14.03 wed = rest day: (as planed - rest day)
15.03 thu = 340kcal = boxing, sparing:30' (that was interesting, new expierience to me :>i like though my wrist are little bit in a pain)
16.03 fri = rest day: (instead of saturday)
17.03 sat = 308kcal = swimming freestyle with medium effort:35' (it was peacefull swimming - just working on my breath)
18.03 sun = 211kcal = bicycling slowly:28' (season opening for bicycling :> yuupi )

not bad week. I was working out quite allright and I tried to eat clean. It wasnt perfect (both of them) but acceptable. What was really bad - i didnt do any custom food here on fitday :<

3/4 week (19-25 march)

19.03 mon = 141kcal = bodyweight workout:14' (i was going for 25mins but unexpected guest came to us and the plan was burned)
20.03 tue = 340kcal = boxing sparring:30' (i wanted more but my sparring partner was exhausted :> which means that my condition is very nice :> any way i feel stronger in arms then after last sparring - they getting used to and they are not so sore like the last time )
21.03 wed = actvie rest day - it was lots of cleaning and other chorus jobs - so yeah, it was active indeed
22.03 thu = 629kcal = soccer:50' (i have toe's finger injury - it is violet :>)
23.03 fri = active rest day - I did lots of cleaning and moving furnitures in my basement
24.03 sat = 262kcal = biking:26' (i drove on my bike to work and back :> and there was workout)
25.03 sun = 264kcal = swimming freestyle:30' (i was in great shape today and did 30mins of freestyle with minimum of stops)

exercising was very good, eating clean wasnt bad- lots of veggies and fruits and lean meat - but not enough of water ;/ but I still didnt create my custom food list ;/

4/4 week (26-31 march)

26.03 mon = rest day
27.03 tue = 629kcal = soccer:50' (this week seems to be very lazy, its friday already and I just write this ;/)
28.03 wed = rest day ;/
29.03 thu = rest day ;/ (something bad is happening to me - i dont have any motivation for working out -i just want to lay down and do nothing ;/ IT HAS TO CHANGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
30.03 fri = 340kcal = boxing sparing:30' (it is very hard for my breath and this time i was beaten a lot :>)
31.03 sat = 340kcal = carpentry:60' (my basement is almost finished :>)

only 3 workouts and 3 rest days. My motivation and energy levels are falling down. Maybe i am simply to tired. Plus i didnt done any custom food creation. Only good thing is my clean eating which is still very good.

summary for the 4th month

At the beginning of this challenge I had only one thing at my head- this challenge. But somewhere on the line it changed. I saw its going good so i started to find other things to improve - I began my 3ds max trainings, I began reading books about meditation, I am trying to earn some money from sports betting, I am customizing my knew smartphone, etc.
The worst thing about it all is, that my head isnt filled anymore with only thoughts and feelings about WORKING OUT AND READING ABOUT CLEAN EATING AND HOW TO EXERCISE which was best motivator for me cause it was the only thing i was thinking most of the time for the first 2.5 months.

Now I am dealing with this new situation - when my fitchallenge isnt the only important thing when it comes to my personal development and change. It is one of few. And it is the hardest to keep up with. I dont know when I am to lazy to workout and when I am to tired to workout. And the ability to distinct those to things is priority.

I think that times when my head was filled with only my fitchallenge are gone for ever and that is why I need to find a way to keep this challenge in this knew state of my mind.

To summaries my 4th month here are some numbers:
- I lost 1cm in waist- nice but my belly fat is still here
- I workout 19 days
- I trained 10hours- 1,5h longer than last time!!! it gives me 2,5h per week
- I burned extra about 6808kcal - according to fitday. if that would be only fat - it would be 756g= 1,66lb

I am not very happy aboyt this 4th month but after seeing this numbers maybe I should been.

I know one thing for sure - I worked hard for this last 4 months - and I will not abandon this challenge till the end. Sometimes better sometimes worse, but I will be here at 31 may 2012.
Cheers, 1fitchallenge aka Rokku
My 1st fit challenge: started at 01.December.2011
ended: 31.MAY.2012

I will take some rest now sir. Ok Dobby. But I will be back (I think). Ok Dobby

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