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Default 4th month rules

I am in the middle of the road in my 1 fit challenge
now its time for plan for the 4th month which will be new in a matter of tracking intake:

0. have fun and enjoy the process
I Exercise
1. 5x2 rule= train 5 days, rest 2 days. wed and sat off
2. only sickness is good explanation for not exercise
3. time for workouts on my own: 25-30mins: swimm, capoeira, boxing, elliptical, resistance workouts (bodyrock, Yuri,etc.)
4. As usual: daily reports + weekly: summaries and waist measuring

II Eating
5. Creating complete CUSTOM FOOD LIST to be able to track my food intake
6. Eat 2 fruits at work and veggies at dinner
7. YES- steamed fish, chicken and turkey breast; NO- fried fat meat and fat sauces to any lunch
8. drink 1L extra of mineral water
9. YES- seeds, jogurts, small amounts of chocolate; NO- chips(even parties), salt sticks, sweets, pies
My 1st fit challenge: started at 01.December.2011
ended: 31.MAY.2012

I will take some rest now sir. Ok Dobby. But I will be back (I think). Ok Dobby
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