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Originally Posted by ksgirl1978 View Post
Hi all, I would like to join the sexy girls club too. I am a mother of 4 ages 2-14, wife, and nurse. I am 31 y/o 5'8" and 242. I have never been this heavy in my entire life. I want to feel energetic & confident again, and right now I don't. Just started yesterday journaling what I am eating, and did 30 min on treadmill last night.

I would appreciate any suggestions or tips that work for you all. I want to feel "sexy" again!
KSgril - You came to the right place...we're all here to help! I'm also a RN - I work midnights which can definately make dieting hard, but I was making it harder on myself by staying up late on my nights off too. More hours awake= More hours to eat. I wasn't getting a good night sleep ever. Sleep is very important! It sounds as if you're on the right track with using a diet journal and exercising! I've heard increasing your water intake helps too...that's one I have trouble with. Welcome to our group
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