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Unless it's the sodium that you think is the problem, this helped me forget that potato chips existed.

Baked kale chips

You can do an easy google search to find a number of recipes.

all you really need is olive oil, salt & kale.

-put kale in a big mixing bowl (i usually do a large amount of kale at a time so i'm only making them once a week or so)
-drizzle some olive oil on them (experiment with what amount works for you, a little oil goes a long way) - toss the kale in the bowl to coat it in olive oil
-add salt to your kale

bake in low heat 350-375 for 20 - 30 minutes. turning every 10 minutes or so.

There is some experimenting needed for personal preference, when to add the salt (bowl, baking sheet or after they're done) and cooking temp and times, to find the right recipe for you.

If done right, they are crispy & salty just like chips. I've had batches that were crispy when first made but softened in the fridge, a couple minutes under the oven's broiler setting fixes that when you're ready to have a snack.

Give a try. Good luck
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