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Originally Posted by JRamirez24 View Post
So I caved in on Saturday I went to Dennys with my sisters and i had a burger! ( i ate half of it there for lunch and the other half for dinner)ugh!!!! but I didnt order fries I order a fruit salad instead and an Iced Tea with no sugar (i put splenda instead) I felt so awful afterwards but the rest of the weekend I did pretty good.

I have noticed that I am paying much more attention to portions, but I know I have to try and be better, even when going to restaurants I know theres a way to eat healthy...

i will keep you posted...
Honey that wasn't a diet cave in that was just a diet bump in the road. Don't be too hard on yourself Life is for living after all - don't be taken in by the die in the word diet ha-ha! You made healthy choices otherwise Portion control is truly what it is all about. My problem was that I was a grazer problem was I started to feel like a Cow ha-ha! Now I'm a Sexy non-grazing dieting Cow scratch that I'm a Sexy non-grazing dieting SEXY GIRL
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