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Farr, 41 pounds in 3 months is amazing.
Richard, 50 pounds is a great hurdle to cross.
Buffer, I gain 2-3 pounds every weekend but manage to drop it during the week plus a couple extra. I can't help it, I have fun on the weekends but try to keep my mind right and get a work out in.
Bottom line is all of us are doing great, we are being accountable for our actions and getting the results we need. I know I can tell a major difference in my feet and legs.
I'm at 262 today. 48 pounds less than when I started buckling down in November 2009 and 63 less than a couple years ago at my most disappointing weight.
For me I keep believing the same, the food and fitness journal keeps me accountable and on track. Let's keep it going and all reach our goals. Keep me posted guys, we're doing great!!!
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