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Week 1 weight: 139.4

So I got the drill yesterday:
NO Grains, that is no bread, crackers, or cereal of any kind this week
NO Rice, brown, wild or white
NO Pasta of any kind including Dreamfields and other protected carb foods
NO Potatoel
And of course absolutely no sweets
NO Corn of any type which includes tortillas (low carb included)

Breakfast: eggs or plain yogurt (some fruits allowed)
Snack: apple or orange (required)
Lunch: meat (~5 oz) and salad
Snack: nuts (this will be a bit tricky as nuts are a trigger food. I'll have to keep the serving under control)
Dinner: meat and veggies.

Beans are allowed and the list of dairy is pretty short. No cheese this week.

And the usual: Lots of water, and brewed tea.

So that's this week.

Although keeping track of calories isn't really part of the program, I'll definitely do so anyway.
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