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Dear DesertMountain,

Thank you for sharing where you are. Maybe the obessessing will be less if you forgive yourself, and start afresh at 1,200.

Dear AmyLee: I look forward to going on this journey with you. One day on fitday at a time!

I'm new to Fitday this year, introduced by the wonderful Carlene Jones, who is holding me to account. She coaches obese people who want to take action. In a really busy life, she holds me to account. It's extraordinary to find out the calorie and fat grams of the food I've been eating. Now, I'm committed to walking an hour a day, raising my heart rate.

I've just celebrated 19.8lbs with her (a few more in fact) and being under 20 stone (the Brits will understand that!), by blowing bubbles for my dogs! I also have stickers in my work note book (yes - sparkly balloons on the back apge - very mature as I'm the MD!) and kid's well done stickers on a card in my closet. Marking our progress and getting on when we fail, and celebrating now not later are all key to me!

So I look forward to celebrating with you you all as we release the lbs back to willd.............
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