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Default Hi - new here too -- would love weight loss partner!

Hi - I am Cheryl, age 40 -- and somewhere along the line allowed myself to get fat! Well, it was after my last baby but he's six now so I can't really call it baby weight anymore, can I?

I want to lose around 40 lbs. I started at the beginning of February and I have lost 8 lbs this month just by writing down what I eat. It certainly makes me think twice about putting something in my mouth knowing I am committed to logging it in - and it was shocking to discover I was eating well over 3,000 calories per day! I am not sticking to 1200 - 1500 per day. I love exercising - always have - so I have that going for me. I have always been "active" but now I want to be really FIT. I refuse to let my 40's get the best of me ;-P

I would love to have someone to chat with and weigh in with and cheer each other on. I refuse to let my husband know how much I weigh - lol! I don't look like I weigh as much as I do because I am very muscular - 140 lbs for me is really thin - perfect size 8. I am shooting for 145 - 150 as my goal weight. When I was 140 before my BMI was 21. I weigh 187 at this moment, size 12 - God only knows what my BMI is. Fat. And I can't stand it anymore! It's also about the health risks that go alone with obesity - all of which run in my family - and I have finally admitted I am no spring chicken! hahaha! Anyone else relate to still feeling as good as they did at 25??? But nope. I am NOT 25.

I really want to be down to at LEAST 170 by my birthday in May. That's my short-term goal.

Have a healthy day!

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